Writing has proven to be a great accountability tool…


Sometimes I talk about money. Sometimes I WRITE about money. Sometimes I shy away from it altogether. Recently, however, I read an article that challenged all to blog about an area of personal development and thought why not give it a last shot 🙂 because…

The Profession demands continuous learning about money so that it doesn’t stop at keeping the books but better decisions towards the financial health of our companies and clients are made possible. I hope to keep the writing simple and the actions practical.

When I read the Bible, there are many beautiful passages with great messages on money. I find writing a most effective way of internalizing these revelations and Prov.30:7-9 is the very reason this blog is called what it is today.

Then there are those Experiences that are so good you want noted or those so grueling you never want repeated. Writing has proven to be a great accountability tool. Sometimes you cringe. Sometimes you cry. Sometimes you strategize. And again re-strategize. Then you laugh because you realize that its all part of the learning…

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