When they say money can’t buy happiness, it’s the absolute truth!

flowers2017 is here!!!

O what joy to see another year! It wasn’t guaranteed – nothing in this life is guaranteed – including the dreams, the resolutions and the plans that come with every new year. STILL, We hope. We lean in with anticipation. Because there is just something about a new year…

There’s also something about every year we exit… The ups, the downs, the plateaus. My 2016 was tough. STILL, I give thanks. God kept me. I have so much to be grateful for. I pick three for this post.

I am grateful for friends. Those I enjoyed a season with and those I continue to enjoy the seasons with. Nothing more generous than a hello, a hug, a hot cuppa. May God’s immeasurable blessing be poured into the lives of those who make it their duty to refresh others.

I am grateful for family. They made me feel safe in a year where all my insecurities came to shore. I some days felt like giving up but the thought of their unreserved love made me get up, dress up and add lots of fat. HAPPY fat if I may add 🙂 And when for the umpteenth time the question ‘do you have a family’ came up. My single self gave a big happy nod because I do!

I am grateful for faith. Like mentioned in my previous post, I questioned lots of things in the gone year. Some answers came immediately. Other answers had me wait. There is one answer I am still hoping for. I need more faith than I can conjure 🙂 I am still sore. A whole less sore thankfully. BUT I am alive and that’s a good place for faith…

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