Do you have any financial plans for the year?


It’s been 5 years since I moved here. 5 years 2 weeks to be precise. I have seen the area grow in leaps and bounds. The government constructed additional housing that saw the estates population double in size and so did the businesses. It feels congested and the council did not keep its promise of painting the outer walls of the old blocks. They, however, put up concrete perimeter walls and that’s a whole lot!

Living close to the shopping area, I observed one particular establishment that regularly renovates its facility. Every December when most of Nairobi heads to the rural areas for Christmas festivities, this restaurant chooses to always refresh its appearance. Last year, for instance, the café turned its idle veranda into a vibrant seating lounge for its clients. And when they returned, customers were excited at the progress (and maybe a few were ashamed at the lack of their own). I bet if one of the three brothers who run the place was to be interviewed, the would credit their 45 year success to meticulous daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual planning.

Do you have goals for the year? Specifically, do you have any financial goals for the year? Here are mine…

Blog: They say what gets written get done. My hope is to activate my dreams and in the process as well help spur the dreams of another. Not necessarily for them to write but to get something done…

Budget: I have managed to get out of debt, learned to live within means, and most recently afforded an extended period of rest and reflection. All thanks to budgeting. This year I plan to use my budget to help me grow in a new area – investments!

Bless: Traditionally I have always set 3 goals for every goal area but this year I am setting just 2. Blogging and budgeting and especially because all the details are plugged into the budget. If my blog and budget aren’t a blessing, then what is the point?

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