Are you a reader?

If there’s one question I dread it is the “Are you a reader?” question. And it doesn’t help that it is present at every writers meeting or workshop. Almost like the unspoken pass-code for fraternity members.

I am currently reading Warsan Shire’s Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth.” My mind hides. I’d never be caught dead reading such material. Dude pulls the book from his backpack. “I have my mother’s mouth and my father’s eyes; on my face they are still together.” is how the cover reads. I salivate.

I just started Nora Roberts Obsession…” But before my mind distinguishes it from Calvin Klein’s Obsession, the lass argues that Nora didn’t do a good job on it. The tea in my cup unsettles itself as we wonder how we will survive the onslaught. “Alchemist!” I blurt out and the group bursts in excitement. Paulo always excites. I am relieved. Especially because I don’t have to reveal that it has been my only read in last couple of months.

Novels ain’t my thing. I prefer novellas. Straight to the point! BUT troubled times have led me – all in one night – to wipe a 300 page slate clean! That said, I do try and a lot of my times are spent rummaging through financial blogs for financial information. These blogs have helped me out of ignorance to a place where I proactively manage my monthly blessings. I am grateful for the internet in which I have found simple, straightforward and safe resources for a soul that was deep-in-debt. Safe because financial issues are sometimes so private that it makes it easier to discuss with google. Here is a useful link on Financial Planning Basics.

Subscribing to a personal finance blog that posted weekly provided a lot of mental support for a deep-in-debt soul. The comments section were even more powerful as I realised that I wasn’t alone in the journey. It felt like we were holding hands and Bob Lotich – founder of Christian Personal Finance (now known as Seed Time) – was doing a great job at guiding us. It’s been 10 years since I started following Bob and I can attest to bearing much fruit put by putting into practice his propositions. His blog is Practical, Biblical, almost Magical 🙂 I highly recommend it!

Teachings on money continue to help me steward resources that go beyond my purview. I am currently journeying with Dave Ramsey and I kinda wish I had met him earlier. But everything in its time. I just finished his 8-Day JUMP START series and every post has been richly insightful. One of his articles breaks down personal financial growth in years. Take for example his advise to those in their 50s. He suggests they sell their house and move to a smaller one since the kids are now all grown up. “Continue investing…” he says, “And make sure you enjoy life!“. Do you see why the frat asks us to read? It opens the mind…

*This post is dedicated to my cousin who got me my first and only kindle. An Amazon Fire! I really didn’t know what it was, all I know that it was a miraculous answer to prayer. “I couldn’t think of someone more deserving…” were my cousins words. A true angel he is! A true angel ❤

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