That’s where it all begins. From within…

One of my heaviest expenses – besides rent – is food. I am a picky eater. I prefer to cook my own food but because I rarely get time to do that, I takeout. I cannot even begin to tell you how expensive an affair that has been. And for years I have struggled to get into a healthier regime but nothing beats habit. On the other extreme is my hair. I have tried to care for it for the longest time ever but gave up on it. Bad hair is just that bad hair and like one’s nose (save for plastic surgery), there’s very little that can be done to change it.

The other day, however, I checked into a new salon. A little expensive but I had no option as it was the only establishment opening late that Sunday. “I have weak hair…” I lamented as the salonist waded through my 6-month growth. “You have fine hair… Not weak hair…” “Fine???” This was the first time in my 30-sum life that my mane was being regarded as fine. “It’s your hair texture type…” He explained and further gave details on the different types of hair African women are endowed with. “The harm occurs when wrong products are used

You should see my hair now! It doesn’t resemble Rapunzel’s but it’s no longer the old ball of gray sewing thread it was. I’ve been moisturizing it religiously but do you know what the bigger secret is? Spinach! And I have been gutting down loads of it because Mr. Expert assured me of a miracle. “No amount of hair products will change anything if you don’t eat well. That’s where it all begins…

Like said, the salon is a little expensive but I a more than willing to invest in this life-giving expense not just because I love my new look but ‘dieting‘ has never felt easier! Who would have thought that Mr. Hair Guy would be the one to change course of my bad eating habits. Investing in an expert is always a worthwhile cause and I can assure you will always leave inspired to perspire 🙂 and that my friends is what Thomas Edison calls GENIUS!

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