Better late than never…

I have 2 posts due. Actually one is overdue and was to run last Saturday; the other is scheduled for tomorrow. I am not sure the night can redeem this situation – I have writing targets – but better late than never.

You know what though – writing is not a walk in the park. Attempting to write about money matters is even harder. It gets worse because my writing style is personal and I literally must wear my heart on my sleeve. That’s how writers start – they say – from giving their personal accounts.

Recently, though, I felt a little redeemed when I discovered financial literacy is part of life skills development. Why? Life skills help individuals deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. See Wikipedia. This means that they are able to positively handle situations of loss or windfall*.

And before I move to my next posts on savings – which will be dealing with ‘gain’ – let me recap my last four posts in which were all in the direction of managing expenditure. KINDLE is about feeding our minds with content that will push us to handling money well. SPACES gives a lay understanding of both financial stress and financial freedom. LIVE RICH – is a beautiful clip which continues to help refocus and return me to the path each time I veer off. GENIUS well is just about that 🙂


* Windfall – a large amount of money that is won or received unexpectedly

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