The tooth fairy gave a silver coin…


Do people still stash cash under their mattresses? I don’t have any memories of sleeping with cash apart from the times when the tooth fairy gave a silver coin in favour of my white enamel😉 I do, however, keep a little silver for running expenses at home. I must confess, however, that mobile money has got my system confused. You see previously I’d either get cash from the ATM or if I forgot my PIN (happened countless times) get penalized for an over-the-counter withdrawal. The logistical inconvenience – because the nearest ATM is about 5km from home & other banks made it punitive then to use their services – forced me to either wait til morning or even Monday if it was a weekend draw the cash. BUT nowadays, mMoney, eMoney or should I say iMoney / intelligent money😃 always offers ideas on how to spend it. And it doesn’t help that the gratification is instant. My accounts have gone chaotic – I feel headless – and so I’m seriously reconsidering my once effective envelope system. All the same, spending is inevitable. Key is to ensure the system chosen doesn’t sabotage saving plans…

“So how are you doing with your savings agenda?” When you share your plans with someone – whether formally or informally – they will some how find a way of keeping you accountable and what a shame it would be if you couldn’t keep a promise to self. So TELL SOMEONE about your plans and celebrate every silver saved. Celebration will help it grow🤗

“Hey! What do you say about putting money together to buy that printing machine?” If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll note that print business is a passionate dream😃 and the truth is that when a partner comes in, one can raise the other half of the cash that was but a dream. So DO IT with SOMEONE. Not only will the results be faster but you’ll learn a whole lot on joint investments.

“Savings doesn’t work…” “But why do you think so…” “Things just keep on coming up…” “Have you tried saving with a SACCO…” “Those institutions lack proper governance…”😞 Such a conversation can provide a great opportunity to share one’s positive experience about credible Savings and Credit Societies. “My SACCO has helped me take my kids to school, buy a car, and now renovate my home…” So HELP SOMEONE and don’t worry about perfect solutions. Just one thought can greatly help a lost soul.


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